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Remove fur trim from garment as fur cannot be machine washed. Fur trim can be cleaned by dusting or brushing off dirt with a bristled brush. Otherwise, fur must be professionally cleaned by a fur specialist.

Close all zippers, fasten all buttons, and seal all Velcro fastenings.

Machine wash (preferably using front loading machine) on gentle cycle in warm water (30°C/85°F) using any liquid detergent. Using a down detergent (i.e. Grangers/Nikwax) is optional but not required.

Do not bleach and do not use fabric softener.

Remove immediately upon wash completion. It is especially important to remove light coloured coats from the washer as yellow water stains can appear if coat starts to dry in the machine.

Tumble dry on low heat with 2-3 clean tennis balls or a clean running shoe. These objects will break up the down clumps as it tumbles and returns the down back up to its original loft and warmth. This may take more than one cycle until the coat is completely dry and fluffed up.

Hang in well ventilated area overnight to allow any residual moisture to dissipate from the inside of the coat. Do not iron.

Storage & Maintenance

Do not store in plastic bag. Coats may be stored in garment bags made of fabric or left free-hanging in a closet.

Occasionally, you can also “freshen” up your coat without washing. Put the coat in a cool dryer (on air dry) for 15-20 minutes along with 2-3 clean tennis balls or a clean running shoe. Breaking up the down clumps will return the coat to its optimal warmth. For fur that has been crushed, aggressively shake hood with both hands to fluff up.