Outdoor Survival Canada



The best way to maintain a sustainable wardrobe is to expand the lifetime of our clothes. This simple solution has remarkable instant impact: saves time, saves money, cuts down on consumption, and reduces waste in our landfills. All Outdoor Survival Canada garments are designed with durability in mind for repeated seasonal wear.

With this goal in mind, Outdoor Survival Canada coats are protected by our Limited Lifetime Warranty – any item found to be defective in materials or workmanship is eligible for a repair or replacement without additional charge.

What is covered:

  • All coats and vests included in our MISSION, CORE, URBAN, OSC15 & EVERYWHERE collections

What is not covered:

  • Regular wear and tear due to using your garment
  • Gradual decrease of colour and shape due to exposure of the elements (sun, water, salt, fire, etc)
  • Odors
  • Damage due to improper care
  • Damage due to cleaning negligence (visit our Care Guide for best practices)
  • Damage cause by alterations performed by a third-party
  • Theft
  • Fur and knit cuffs are excluded from warranty – replacement parts are available for purchase

Additional Repairs

Even the most vigilant are unable to avoid gradual and natural wear and tear or fall victim to accidental circumstances.

In the case of repairs that fall outside of our warranty, consider contacting us for a personalized repair quote. Our skilled designers and technicians have come up with creative solutions to the most difficult, seemingly impossible damages and have direct access to the raw materials needed for any refurbishments. No one understands our garments better than we do!

Shipping & Timeline

All repairs are processed at our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Outdoor Survival Canada will cover the return shipping fee for all Limited Lifetime Warranty qualifying repairs within North America. Warranty repairs outside of North America are required to pay for return shipping.

For custom repairs, you are responsible for shipping the item to OSC headquarters, and will be charged to ship the repaired product back.

It is difficult to predict the exact amount of time it will take to repair and return a garment. The scope of work and time of year can extend the processing time. Once we receive and approve your claim, we will respond with an appropriate timeline; as a guideline, repairs during the busy season can take up to four weeks, and repairs during the off-season can take up to two weeks.

Submit A Repair Claim

Email us along with the following information:

  1. Subject line: “OSC – Warranty Request – First Name”
  2. Reason for repair (eg. tear, missing button)
  3. Product name, colour, and size
  4. Proof of purchase
  5. Photographs – with the coat fully zipped up, submit the following:
    • Full front
    • Full back
    • Close up of area(s) needing repair
  6. Contact information:
    • First and last name
    • Telephone #
    • Email address
    • Return shipping address

Please note that the garment MUST BE WASHED prior to sending. This is a Health & Safety Standard practice for the protection of our staff. Any product that arrives unclean will be charged an additional non-negotiable $75 cleaning fee and will considerably extend the processing time of your repair. We will require payment before proceeding.

Only ship your garment to us after you have received confirmation and your unique Return Authorization (RA) ID number.