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The most effective way to minimize the volume of waste in the apparel industry is to simply expand the lifetime of our clothes. Outdoor Survival Canada products are designed with superior durability for repeated seasonal wear while integrating classic fashion styles and trends to keep you warm and looking great.


A Greener Alternative

Outdoor Survival Canada takes pride in being a 100% owned- and operated- Canadian company. Local manufacturing bears a heftier cost up front, but contributes to a much greater return. By not outsourcing overseas and keeping our production domestic, we have complete control over our manufacturing standards.

The circulation of money within our society is what strengthens the economy of a nation. As a consumer, where you choose to spend your hard-earned cash has considerable power. By choosing domestic goods over imported, you contribute towards:

Commitment to

High Standards

Local manufacturing means Outdoor Survival Canada has direct supervision over quality control. Simplified supply chain logistics directly relates to a streamlined, cost-efficient business operation. Through the sourcing of raw materials, designing and fitting, cutting and assembling individual parts, and coordinating the hundreds of operations that go into building a garment – the perfect coat is delivered directly to our customers. The OSC stamp of approval is required each step along the way, and thus we are confident that our premium products are guaranteed to be the best available.

Another big advantage of local production is the ability to respond immediately to product diversity as demanded by the market. Ordering imported goods from overseas is a major commitment because of the large minimums required, resulting in significantly longer production and shipping timelines. This can easily lead to an over-abundance of unwanted stock.

At Outdoor Survival Canada, we have the ability to produce smaller lots, allowing us to be more flexible for our customers and gives us the ability to pivot quickly when testing out new ideas and features. The turnaround time to issue another production run on our most popular items is quick and hassle-free; our outer fabrics and down clusters are always in stock, while supplies and accessories are ordered as required. Textile waste generated on our factory floors is kept to a minimum through strategic fabric cutting.

We are extremely proud of our high-quality, hand-crafted line of outerwear. While construction mishaps are far and few between, we are not immune to human error. Any item that is found to be defective in materials or workmanship (typically evident after the first few wears) will be repaired or replaced by Outdoor Survival Canada without any additional cost. This can include (but is not limited to): zippers, clasps, stitching, buttons, and snaps. For more information, view our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Outdoor Survival Canada wants to prolong your garment’s lifespan and delay its journey to the landfill for as long as possible. For damages that fall outside our Limited Lifetime Warranty (through accidental circumstances or natural wear and tear), consider contacting us for a personalized repair quote. We aren’t discouraged by a challenge – our talented designers have come up with creative solutions to the trickiest disfigurations.

An easy way to bring life back into your coat is a spa day! Don’t fret over dry cleaning bills as our entire collection is machine washable. Alternatively, you can freshen it up by running it through a short dry cycle. Doing this will break up the clumps of down and return your coat to its optimal loft and keep you warm all season long. View our Care Guide for step-by-step instructions.

The life of an animal is worth taking into consideration. 

We respect everyone’s right to make that choice for themselves.


Wild coyote fur trim is featured on the hoods of our CORE, MISSION, and select URBAN styles. Designed to endure extreme weather conditions, natural fur provides functionality that is historically and scientifically proven to be warmer than a hood without. A traditional fur-lined anorak (more commonly known as a parka) is an original Inuit innovation developed several thousand years ago to optimize protection against the harsh arctic climates by extending what is referred to as the Boundary Layer. The Boundary Layer is the immediate space in front of your face where blowing wind makes contact with your hood. The friction caused by t he collision of air molecules creates a layer of insulation proportional to the thickness of the hood. Natural fur with irregular hair lengths increases the Boundary Layer by redirecting cold air flows from different wind directions. Without the fur trim, facial heat is carried away, making you feel colder and susceptible to frost bite.

Cotel et al.: Effect of ancient Inuit fur parka ruffs on facial heat transfer


“The commitments and partnerships made under the AIHTS have contributed to a number of benefits for animal well-being through the development of humane trapping standards and related research methodologies”

Outdoor Survival Canada’s incorporation of natural fur for its exceptional thermal qualities is based on the integral features of authentic sub-zero outerwear. Outdoor Survival Canada will NEVER source materials from fur farms and we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOLERATE any mistreatment or malicious harm of animals. All of our natural wild coyote fur is sourced from Western Canada. Trapping is strictly regulated in Canada by the government, wildlife biologists, and conservation officers to ensure that the most humane methods are used.

Coyotes are an invasive predator with highly abundant populations in many regions across the country. An unregulated band of coyotes can cause an unbalance in the ecosystem. Whether the fur trade exists or not, licenced trappers are relied upon for many reasons: disease control, maintaining or improving animal and plant biodiversity, and alleviating pressure on prey and vulnerable species found lower in the food chain. Wild habitats have a limited carrying capacity and extreme overpopulation will inevitably crash caused by illnesses or death due to starvation. Coyotes who live close to civilization pose different threats. Trappers are hired by homeowner associations with concerns for human safety, domesticated pets, and protecting property. Farmers and ranchers rely on intervention to protect their livestock, especially poultry, cattle, and sheep. Trappers play an essential part in predator control and support local economies for the people residing in rural and remote areas.

Trapping is a long-standing part of Canadian heritage. Heightened awareness has driven new and improved methods to replace outdated archaic practices. Trappers are our eyes and ears of the land – they directly interact with wildlife habitats and recognized the impact of proper conservation.

Individuals have a responsibility to be thoughtful about their consumption choices. It is on us to take the correct steps to minimize harm to animals and the environment. As a growing Canadian business, having a faux fur option is a feature we hope to offer in the future as we continue to expand our product lines.

Read more about the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) by the Government Of Canada.

A shearling fur collar is featured on our URBAN styles. Lightweight and incredibly soft to the touch, the wool fibres are used as a breathable insulator with great heat retention. It has natural moisture absorption qualities that will wick away perspiration from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable around the neck and insulating your ears like earmuffs. Outdoor Survival Canada DOES NOT condone in the exploitation of animals for the sole purpose of harvesting their skins.

With the perfect balance of sun, rain, temperature and untouched land, Uruguay is one of the world’s leading wool suppliers for its softness and fibre strength. Our shearling is acquired as a by-product from sheep raised in the meat industry. Uruguayan sheep are predominantly raised on free-range pastures to live and graze stress-free in a natural environment outdoors all year round. These flocks are entirely safe from the cruelty of mulesing.

Individuals have a responsibility to be thoughtful about their consumption choices. It is on us to take the correct steps to minimize harm to animals and the environment. As a growing Canadian business, having a faux fur option is a feature we hope to offer in the future as we continue to expand our product lines.


Down is the natural high-performance insulator that fills our each of our CORE, MISSION, URBAN, and select EVERYWHERE styles. Down has been used in Inuit clothing for countless generations because it is a natural resource with the best warmth-to-weight ratio. It is the fine, puffy layer of plumage that grows close to the body of waterfowl. Unlike the tough, straight outer feathers, the filaments grow from a central quill point (think: octopus), making a three-dimensional structure that spreads out and traps air. Down that is well cared for can retain its loft power (insulating efficiency) for years. However, the insulating properties essentially drop to zero when wet – the down will form clumps if exposed to moisture and not dried properly. A low heat tumble dry can reverse this effect – visit our Care Guide for more information.

Outdoor Survival Canada uses a blend of white goose and duck down in our garments. Our down is a by-product of the meat industry. Down clusters are washed and rinsed multiple times, then sterilized before being separated into various grades. Authorized North American dealers purchase the cleaned down and are responsible for its distribution within the continent.