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I’m totally impressed by the colour, quality and workmanship. I already own many of your products including: the OSC Massak parka, OSC Atka parka, OSC Kanti parka, OSC Desna bomber jacket and the OSC Klin Bib. I’m impressed with the workmanship but mostly impressed by the warmth provided.

I have had the opportunity to wear products from many of your competitors… I have owned OSC products for many years now and in my opinion, OSC manufactures the warmest winter gear on the market. If a person is a serious outdoorsman that needs to survive the harsh winter elements, OSC is a must.

Thanks again for the great customer service.


KANTI, Red Alert

I have lived in Iqaluit, NU since Oct 2013 and I thought a general jacket would be good. Not so much! I quickly realized I need true arctic gear to walk my dog and the dogs at the Iqaluit Humane Society too! I also went to every community in the Qikitani Region wearing it too!!


NISTO, Red Alert

I wanted to email you to let you know how great your gear performed in a recent ice fishing trip my son and I took to Northern Ontario. Not only were we stylish but warm at -25 degrees!


DESNA, Alpine Moss

Henry Flies

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OSC Misson Coat: For the Arctic!

Canadian Kelsey

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Canada’s Best Warmest Winter Jacket

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Amazing coat keeps me warm and stylish. Our Quebec winters are cold with biting wind and my Siku parka keeps me so toasty. I understand the hood is also down filled (which other brands don’t necessarily make) and that definitely is appreciated too!


SIKU, Orca Black

Over the years I have worn every other brand out there, in search of the perfect winter parka… Nothing compares – in quality, workmanship, and fit. Congratulations OSC – you have found the magic formula.


ATKA, Cold Lake Blue

My husband and I wore our first OSC coats to the Olympic events (Whistler 2010). We were watching the luge events, sitting on metal bleachers. It was so cold that everyone had to leave and we were the only ones who were bundled up and warm enough to withstand the wind and the cold!


JACI, Orca Black

I absolutely love my parka,  it is the warmest garment I have ever worn and is incredibly well made for outdoor winter adventure!  Pockets are exactly where I would put them and it seems that everything was thought of.  I use it for snowmobiling,  back country winter camping and ice fishing.  The matching snow pants are of equal warmth and quality!  I can’t recommend these items more strongly.

Unfortunately due to my own stupidity I found a way to melt three large holes in the outer shell covering three different panels of the coat.  I was devastated…

Thanks to the great communication from the staff at Outdoor Survival Canada (specifically Bessi) I was able to send the coat back to the factory at minimal cost.  Their talented garment builders expertly repaired my coat to a level greatly exceeding my expectations!  It looks new again and I can pretend my moment of idiocy didn’t destroy a perfectly made essential piece of kit in my winter outdoor adventure arsenal!

I couldn’t be happier and can’t express my thanks enough to the staff who handled my issue.  What a wonderful company to deal with,  quite refreshing in a world of diminishing customer service.


KANTI, Alpine Moss

Just want to let you know how happy I am in OSC these past few -20C days! This outerwear is awesome!

Love’n it and getting so much positive feedback from crew all wanting to know about the product. 

Feeling so warm and toasty.


KANTI, Orca Black
KLIN, Orca Black

My son (who’s extremely hard on his clothes) tore the back of his OSC jacket (about 10″). While this wasn’t covered under “warranty”, the company repaired it so creatively that the jacket came back looking like new (but with an additional pocket). Amazing and caring customer service! 5 stars!


AKIAK, Orca Black

I want to reach out to you to say that this parka is an amazing product. My daughter just recently returned from an Indigenous Exchange with her school – Centre Wellington District High School where they traveled to Kangirsuk Nunavik. We purchased this parka as we knew that she would need to keep warm as the trip planned many outdoor activities on the land.


NISTO, Pure White

I bought a Atka winter coat last winter. I have always loved walking in the coldest night. Got your coat during -46 wind chill. Put it on with only a tie shirt. I walked 3 kilometers and was completely warm and comfortable. Would gladly tell anyone about it. I am 64 and can’t wait for another cold winter. Thank you for such a great coat!!


ATKA, Red Alert

Love my OSC jacket! I’m from Toronto Canada but use it up north when I am at my chalet in Muskoka! It is such a great product and because of it I enjoy winter now! Honestly before this jacket I hated being out in the winter! I’ve definitely had more adventures because of this jacket….thank you!!!




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Canadian Prepper

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World’s Warmest Jackets
3 Levels of Cold Weather Clothing

Dave's Real Survival

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OSC Down Parka Outdoor Survival Canada ATKA

I love all the details like the wired collar (so it’s not rubbing on my make up), the protected Velcro, the straps to carry the coat, all the pockets, and the bit of orange trim.

I’ve had the coat for five years and it shows like new. It’s never lost any of the puff. Best investment I ever made.


SIKU, Orca Black

I am in love with the quality of what I ordered. The ATKA jacket packs the warmth of a Canada Goose jacket, but at a much lower cost, and I feel higher build quality being manufactured here in Canada. I live up in the high Arctic for work, where I’m outside frequently in -50C and this jacket and KLIN ski pants keep me warm and unafraid of the cold. I often go snowmobiling in my area and I can be out for hours in the extreme cold and this snow gear keeps me protected and warm. A must buy for anyone who plans on living in the far North!


ATKA, Orca Black
KLIN, Orca Black

I live in the Spectacular Northwest Territories, where we need incredibly warm gear just to walk to our cars in the winter. This coat keeps me warm even standing around in -40 all the while being flattering and stylish! I bought the Karima in Red Alert and I have never had such a beautiful and warm coat, and I’ve owned just about every big brand out there. Their customer service was awesome in helping me order and ensuring I was satisfied with my purchase. Every detail on this coat has been so carefully considered, and the craftsmanship shows the level of pride OSC has for their products. As well, I am proud to support Canadian companies manufacturing in Canada.


KARIMA, Red Alert